Flight School Preps


Flight School Preps is the first act of Prep Nation and is widely regarded as the most potentially successful music group coming out of South Florida. They received the 2012 Group of the year award from the popular hip hop website The305.com. They’re release of Expensive Dreams, broke ground musically and visually on the Miami music scene and introduced a different side of Miami music and lifestyle. Flight School Preps’ rap trio consists of talented artists by the names of Sly, Jay, AND Reese. Their latest project BlackMarketED was released in May 2013. It received great reviews including standout records such as “Dolla On A Dream”, “A Lil More” and “Dat Funk.” The trio are poised to make a forceful 2014 run with an EP in the pipeline for the top of the year.

BUKU Lineup 2014