Blood Diamonds


Blood Diamonds, aka Michael Diamond, is a twenty-three year old Los Angeles-based pop artist best known for his imaginative soundscapes and infectious, sun-dipped production. Hailing originally from Kansas City and then moving to Vancouver to study a degree in video game design, he became absorbed in all music electronic and quickly started to write and play live. Lifting influences from RnB, bass, hip hop and dream pop, Blood Diamond’s music can truly be marked as quintessentially his own.

Working with a multitude of artists including Charli XCX, Action Bronson and Ellie Goulding, plus releasing tracks like ‘Phone Sex’ (ft. Grimes) and ‘Barcode’ (ft Dominic Lord) have drawn him much attention, helping Blood Diamonds quickly become known for his skillful edits and collaborations. His latest release “Osaka” is out now on OWSLA.

BUKU Lineup 2014